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  • Why are you not using your vtuber model?
    I sometimes switch between my main and laptop setup due to traveling and a lot of other circumstances. My laptop does not support having a stream and a vtuber model at the same time, and I want to stream anyway. Thanks for understanding.
  • How long have you been drawing?/Are you self taught?
    I've been always drawing and always taking it seriously as well. I drew cartoons/ western style as a kid and started drawing anime 15 years ago. About being self taught, the answer is yes and no. I took manga style classes at the age of 12, but they weren't enough to develop skill. Recently, I got classes and mentorship by a professional artist and started studying the fundamentals seriously. Also see My art journey - who I am and how I got here (
  • What are your digital art tools?
    My current software is Clip Studio Paint EX. My current equipments are: Desktop Intel(R) Core(TM) i5-10400F CPU @ 2.90GHz 2.90 GHz 16GB Huion GT 220-V2 Travel setup: Dell Inspiron 5482 2-in-1 with interactive pen; XP-PEN 16.5 pro
  • Are your commissions open?
    My commissions are always open. Please check my commissions tab.
  • I want to start drawing. What do you recommend?
    Start by drawing both by copying from the best manga artists and from imagination. Don't prioritize one over the other; Prioritize shonen manga artists to reference, since shonen manga has more budget and gets more attention from editors in Japan; Learn from professionals always; Don't miss your gesture studies and ALWAYS make sure you're drawing dynamic poses; Always use reference for the things you're trying to draw; Make studies, not just finished illustrations; If you don't have good digital material, start by drawing on paper. Draw as much as you can on paper until you become good, then switch to digital. Some of the materials I recommend: Sycra, Swatches, Marco Bucci, LucidPixul, Ethan Becker, Marc Brunet, Aaron Blaise, Bobby Chiu, Bam Animation, Naoki Saito Illustration channel(Youtube); Manga materials (twitter); Croquis Cafe (Vimeo); Sketching manga style (series of books); Mogoon's coloso courses
  • Can you review my portfolio?
    I'll probably add this as a patreon reward, once I have one. Stay tuned.
  • How long did it take you on [this piece in particular]?
    My average time on each illustration (half and full body) is: Sketch: 50 minutes; Client's approval: not under my control; Lineart: 50 minutes; Base colors: 20 min; Coloring (full color): 5-7 hours.
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